F45 Functional Training With Mike Crisci

Mike Crisci, has always been passionate about physical fitness and positive healthy living. Australian by birth, and raised around an active lifestyle, he immediately connected with F45 and its functional training guide. His knowledgeable approach to a functional training program, delivers on his belief that fitness should not be boring but packed with energy and life.

Mike Crisci, determined to create an extraordinary exercise program, built his approach around the functional training circuit utilizing a curated collection of functional training equipment for maximum impact. Mike Crisci’s approach connects people to a highly engaged community where members push each other to higher levels of fitness.

Read on to learn about his functional training circuit designed to help others achieve their lifestyle and fitness goals.

What is Functional Training? 

Mike built his business around functional training equipment to deliver a solid physical foundation. Functional training is relatively new to the fitness world but rather than just another buzzy term created by marketing departments to sell more workouts, it is a term that has value and importance.

Hidden in plain sight is the nugget of truth behind this important training modality. This training develops the body to be better at activities important to daily life, it is actually “functional” in every aspect. 

To accomplish this, the training is built around a very clear purpose. What activities are, as a culture, engage in every day? People walk, squat, pick-up heavy objects, open doors, get up from a chair, compete in sports, ride a bike, and so much more.


What is The Biggest Win About Functional Training?

The big win around a functional training approach to fitness is that daily activities become easier while individuals become stronger. That is a real win-win.  

F45 weaves a strong sense of community into their social media campaigns making functional training into something people see and hear about then jump into for a new experience. 

Other aspects of Mike Crisci’s repertoire includes:

  • While crafted for the gym where functional training equipment is present, functional training at home delivers great results too. 
  • Built primarily around compound exercises or exercises that demand muscle groups work together rather than solo, things like squats, lunges, push-ups, and deadlifts, compound exercises make perfect sense. 
  • When was the last time someone found themself standing in one place, lifting a heavy object from their waist to their shoulder…one arm at a time? Probably never. So, why spend time at the gym doing bicep curls?
  • Someone might be better off spending that time engaged in an exercise that engages multiple muscle groups like squats, lunges, or pushups? How often do individuals up a box or small child by squatting, or do a deep lunge to lace-up a shoe, or push open a heavy door?

Similarly, the question of functional training vs HIIT is laid to rest. Go functional or do not bother.

What Are The Body Benefits to Functional Training? 

Training to move this way connects many muscle groups and requires the body to work together more effectively. 

While developing strength it improves:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Body awareness

The more functional training done, the more injuries are avoided. The more work is done at a functional training gym the better balance will become and by dipping into the technology of a functional training Apple Watch, an individual will enhance awareness of how a body moves. 

With a body better attuned to its surroundings and best prepared for the demands of everyday life, it will move more confidently and purposefully while feeling more empowered. 


What Are The Range of Functional Training Exercises?

To facilitate a wide range of multi-joint and multiple-plane exercises, a functional training program is built with forwarding and backward motions as well as side to side and up and down.

For similar reasons, functional training utilizes free weights and dumbbells rather than machines. This allows for a full range of natural motion during all aspects of a workout. 


Why Follow Mike Crisci?

For functional training, there is no better source to follow than Mike Crisci. He and his team deliver an empowering functional training circuit and following Mike Crisci will keep an individual on top of the latest functional training techniques to make daily life as empowered as possible. 

Do not sell life short or waste valuable time with workouts not designed to improve daily life. Functional training at F45 delivers high-intensity workouts to a motivated community that channels its energy into better living and a healthy lifestyle.

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